BMW M2 Drawing Attention

January 22nd, 2016 by


They say if you want to be the best at something you should focus on one thing at a time and be great at it; BMW has done exactly that with their newest BMW M2 Coupe. Most opinions in the auto world tend to be swayed in different directions, but when it comes to the new BMW M2 it’s hard to find someone who will against the grain stating that this is one of the best vehicles BMW has ever made.

A variation of the M3, the M2 is a smaller version of the original that captures the same feel while sizing down for an even sportier feel. Today’s M3 and M4 both clock in at over 3,500 pounds, while todays M2 is loftier. If you ever loved either of the originals, you will love driving this car.

Touring the exterior of the M2 it’s easy to see the coupe’s visual appeal. With a wide stance and an undertone can almost be described as muscular the M2 is definitely every bit the classic BMW. Its uniqueness would be appreciated even regularly, but the fact that the M2 is a limited-run vehicle makes it even more sought after. Current list pricing for the coupe is $51,700, but due to the limited quantities available it’s likely they will sell quickly and achieve a much higher value after purchase.

The interior of the M2 holds up just as well as the exterior with sleek and modern styling. The specs under the hood will make even the last bit of hesitation on loving this coupe fade away. The M2 boasts a sprint from 0-60, which is the same as the $100,000 M5. With a six cylinder engine and a jaw clenching 365 horsepower it’s easy to imagine a sunny day joy ride, complete with manual transmission option.

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