BMW Press Release Gives Hint of the Future

April 22nd, 2016 by

BMW Self Driving Car

It is BMW’s 100th anniversary, and the automaker is certainly letting us all know about it. That is, in a BMW press release issued on March 16th, they announced a wealth of new stuff that one can only hope they are planning to deliver by the end of this year.

The first of these worth mentioning is what the automaker is simply referring to as the “iNEXT.” As the press release states, the iNEXT is a “revolutionary new BMW i model that will raise premium individual mobility to previously unknown levels.” The press release goes on to casually mention that that by “unknown levels,” what BMW really means is implementing some sort of autonomous driving capability, an electric powertrain, and what they refer to simply as “trailblazing interior design.” But, honestly, it’s the thought of a self-driving car (in any form) that is so appealing and gets the average customer extremely excited about what is ahead for BMW. Unfortunately, BMW was otherwise quite vague with regard to their iNEXT vehicle. It is even unclear as to whether or not “iNEXT” will officially be what the vehicle is called. What seems to definitely be clear, however, is that BMW are supposedly setting the iNEXT up to be their new electric flagship vehicle. Alongside talk about the iNEXT, BMW also confirmed the official release of a convertible i8 model.

And too, speaking of BMW’s i models, the automaker also announced that it intends on re-launching its beloved i brand behind what they are calling Project i 2.0. This means that BMW is shifting its focus, which has previously been solely locked in on electrification, to “an equally ambitions path with respect to automated and fully networked driving.” Of course, such a sentence is riddled with vague brand-speak, so to say, but BMW were nice enough to provide a few specifics about what they mean here. These include things like HD mapping and sensors, cloud connectivity, and even a bit of artificial intelligence in the form of a strange little item BMW calls the “Companion” that they say could work to learn any driver’s individual driving habits to start helping them make decisions (or even making decisions for them). This is probably closer to what BMW means when they talk about things like the future possibility of their vehicles being equipped with autonomous driving capabilities.

Of course, this is (mostly) just speculation on the somewhat vague concepts BMW issued in their press release. But, if any of these speculations come even the slightest bit true, than it will be a game-changer as far as the automotive industry is concerned

As is always the case, keep checking back in here with us at Elmhurst BMW for more information with regard to the future plans of BMW.

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