Possible New BMW 8 Series

March 15th, 2016 by

BMW 8 Series

A replacement for the 8 Series coupe from the 1990s is something that has been a long-desired dream of BMW fans for quite a while now. It seems that BMW has considered (or at least teased us all with) this idea before, but ultimately all the lobbying and cries from 8 Series fans have all seemed, in the past, to go by the wayside. However, that all might change. That is, the folks over at Autocar have recently reported that they may have gotten their hands on some key information out of BMW’s R&D department in Munich that hints toward the automaker possibly delivering a new replacement 8 Series by 2020. According to Autocar: “While shrouded in secrecy, insiders at BMW’s R&D centre suggest that two differing layouts for the 8 Series have already been put before BMW chairman Harald Krueger, who is personally driving plans to extend the BMW line-up to include additional luxury models.”  Those two different offerings are said to be a four-door hardtop only model that is quite similar to the 6 Series Gran Coupe, or a two-door coupe and cabrio duo.

Given this, BMW would be looking for something like a rebooted 8 Series to serve as the automaker’s flagship model, both where technology and luxury are concerned. The vehicle will supposedly borrow quite a bit from its 7 Series cousins, as far as parts are concerned. Of course, we are probably talking about quite a large chunk of money here, one that BMW certainly thinks will be justifiable. “With the decision to bring back the 8 Series,” A BMW senior manager told Autocar, “Krueger is looking at a potentially lucrative revenue stream with high profitability on a per unit basis.” All in all, BMW hopes that an expansion of its model lineup, which of course includes the addition of luxury vehicles like a new 8 Series, will allow the automaker to compete with the likes of Mercedes-Benz’s S Class Coupe. Mercedes pushed roughly 125,000 S Class models last year (many of them Coupes), so the need for BMW to compete in this market is quite high. Luckily, a new 8 Series model might be just what the doctor ordered as far as market competition is concerned.

Honestly; however, this is all just rumors and hearsay at this point. That is, beyond the fact that BMW is considering reigniting their famed 8 Series model, not a whole lot else is known. For now we all will just have to wait and see what the automaker does.

Keep checking back in here with us at Elmhurst BMW for more information with regard to the possibility of a BMW 8 Series replacement by 2020. Can’t wait another four years for a great coupe?  Check out our new 2016 models available today!

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